I tried the Fanny pack trend and It’s Good, actually

I can’t remember the last time a trend was somehow as concurrently loathed and popular as the humble fanny pack. It’s nearly feels paradoxical—can there really be both as lots of people who seem to hate them and as lots of people who apparently love them? Are that lots of total people really aware that fanny packs are a thing now? and specifically, wearing them around our chests as crossbody bags—how did so lots of people get that signal simultaneously?

Admittedly, I live in an very trendy Brooklyn neighborhood that, somehow, seems to house like a third of all people employed in digital media (guilty as charged), so I’m on the front lines of noticing emerging trends in the wild. I’ve been frequently seeing people wearing fanny packs as crossbody bags for months, and that, ultimately, is what lead me to trying the trend myself. I was sitting in the front window of my normal coffee shop one morning, enjoying people walk to the subway, and a girl walked by wearing a supreme fanny pack. I had seen this girl before and she had terrific taste in bags—so much so that I wondered if she might be a reader or forum member—and seeing her with this particular fanny pack pushed me over the edge. I had to have the same one immediately.

Min elskede

The problem with that, of course, is Supreme’s limited-release distribution model indicated the fanny pack was long gone by the time people were carrying it in public. I found the same one online from StockX, though, and gotten it for around twice retail, or $155. (We recently ran a sponsored post with StockX, but I wanted to note that this one isn’t—I gotten this bag myself before we we had a service relationship with the site.) twice retail might seem ridiculous, but supreme resale values can skyrocket quickly, and the same bag is currently going for around $250 only a few months later. I was lucky to decide I had to have the bag only a few weeks after it came out, when there were a lot more available at resale and the fanny pack trend was still getting traction. If you think the market for the most popular designer bags is annoying, please believe me when I tell you not to get into sneakers or streetwear. It is, somehow, way worse.

My fanny pack’s maiden voyage was to a Lorde concert with my best friend, and the design’s appeal was right away clear, as was the appeal of wearing it across my chest. Fanny packs have a smaller capacity than I anticipated, but they hold essentials really well, and all I needed for this outing was my phone, my keys, a small budget and my sunglasses. For this kind of event, I’d usually opt for a small crossbody that would hold about the same amount of stuff, and then I’d be adjusting it all night, pushing it behind my hip to get it out of the way and then bringing it back out every so typically to check my phone. With the fanny pack around my chest, I could jump around and dance and do whatever I wanted, and it didn’t budge at all, and I could access my phone with one hand and no adjustment, other than unzipping. It was as close as I can think of to not carrying a bag while still carrying a bag. even after receiving my fanny pack, I had been a bit skeptical, but this was different. I was converted.

I had been particularly skeptical of this trend because of my body type—sure, a waif-y 22-year-old model can strap a bag to her chest with no problem, but how about a 32-year-old plus size woman with a DD-cup chest, which is what I am? I had to fiddle with the strap length a bit in buy to get the bag to sit just right, but ultimately, I felt like I looked as good and natural in the bag as anyone. I’ve considering that seen other plus size women give the trend a shot, including a bunch of elegant Instagrammers in Gucci’s popular belt bags, and I’m fully convinced that it’s a a lot more easily accessible look than it seems to be on first glance. Don’t let not being Bella Hadid stop you, both in this situation and in life in general.

That was all back in April, and considering that then, I’ve carried my fanny pack quite a bit, and always as a crossbody bag. I get compliments on it constantly, as well as people asking me how I like carrying one. I’m sure people scoff about my dumb bag too, but thankfully, they keep it to themselves. In general, though, I couldn’t recommend fanny packs more, especially for great weather: they keep you absolutely hands complimentary for a whole variety of fun summer activities, and there are plenty of cool, economical options to try in case you’re not sure if you want to dive head-first into designer belt bag territory. and like logo bags, this is an especially fun trend to wear if you take pleasure in antagonizing people with a lot more conservative taste just a little bit, which is an opportunity I can only occasionally resist.

If I’ve piqued your interest, you can check out both our shopping recommendations for fanny packs and our gallery of celebrity fanny pACK Style Inspo. Nedenfor har vi fået nogle nye anbefalinger, der er blevet tilgængelige i betragtning af at vi først dækkede tendensen. Vi er her for at hjælpe, selvom det bare er for at hjælpe dig med at få en fanny -pakke.

Alexander Wang Attica Fanny Pack
$ 695 ved hjælp af Nordstrom

Balenciaga Wheel Fanny Pack
$ 895 ved hjælp af Net-A-Porter

Calvin Klein Belt taske
$ 88 ved hjælp af Nordstrom

Elizabeth og James Satin Belt Bag
$ 195 ved hjælp af Net-A-Porter

Gucci GG Supreme Belt Bag
$ 650 ved hjælp af Gucci

Kenzo Logo Waist Pack
$ 180 ved hjælp af Nordstrom

Prada Nylon Belt Bag
$ 600 ved hjælp af Net-A-Porter

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