CC 67: The Louis Vuitton enthusiast who got Her mom into designer Bags

extremely frequently in our wardrobe Confessionals series we checked out about bag enthusiasts who have inherited their like of high-end from a mom or grandmother, however in today’s CC it’s the other method around. We’re introducing you to a bag enthusiast whose mom got into designer bags when her child did. now the two share a like of Louis Vuitton as well as more, frequently sending links to every other or bonding during buying trips. They even have a few matching bags as well as our confessor really hopes that a person day she’ll be able to pass her purchases on, as when she buys a bag her mindset is to hold on to it permanently versus obtaining it as an investment. though this confessor is not afraid to treat herself as well as is wise with exactly how she shops, she’s not as well timid to admit that her parents will treat her to bags now as well as then. general though this confessor likes as well as appreciates the finer things in life, she believes in being kind towards others as well as doing what makes you happy. checked out the full confessional below as well as be sure to submit your own!

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Det grundlæggende

Age: 31
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Denver, CO
Occupation: software application Sales
Industry: Healthcare
Salary: $90,000
Household Income: $120,000

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? Ja

How many bags do you own? 18

What bags are in your collection?

Louis Vuitton
Alma BNB
Palm Springs Mini
Graceful DE MM
Neverfull MM Catagram
Neverfull GM DA
OnTheGo Escale Rouge
Keepall 55

Key pouch DA
Kiragami Monogram
Pallas compact wallet noir
My world Tour- passport cover

Dionysus GG ultimate mini bag in taupe
Rajah big leather carry White
Marmot GG mini leather container Red

Big Bag little in Sand
Phantom medium in canvas
Nano Luggage in tweed/leather

Chanel traditional Flap little Black Caviar SHW

Saint Laurent traditional monogram Belt Bag embellished leather GHW

Mulberry x Cara Delevingne backpack (now bayswater backpack) in oxblood

Mansur Gavriel mini container Black/gold

Marc Jacobs single Baroque in nude lambskin

How much is your collection worth? I would quote retail value to be north of $30,000

What is your most costly bag? My Chanel, I’m sure! I just discovered the receipt the other day. It was bought about 7 or 8 years ago. I’m astounded at exactly how much the cost has gone up for the exact same bag over the last few years.

What are the most important brands or pieces in your collection? Louis Vuitton will always be one of my faves, it was the very first brand that I began routinely buying high-end bags from. Gucci is important to me since it is so simple to wear as well as I likewise own many shoes by the brand. Individually, I like each of my bags – I will spend a number of weeks, or months in some cases, evaluating my next purchase as well as generally each purchase represents an important milestone or accomplishment.

What age did you get your very first designer bag, as well as what was it? When I was a pre-teen I had rather a few coach as well as Dooney & Bourke bags. I honestly don’t keep in mind the styles anymore, I’ve offered those over the years.
My very first genuine designer bag was the Chanel traditional Flap which was a college graduation gift. It was rather difficult to find at the time. I had visited a Nordstrom Chanel shop that didn’t have any type of stock of the bag, a shop in Honolulu while on household vacation as well as they didn’t have in stock, lastly – discovered the bag while visiting Toronto as well as was ecstatic when they brought her out!

Is there a specific bag you are looking to purchase next? My wishlist is always growing as well as changing… I like to research, go to TPF, stalk on the internet shops…

Chanel WOC in beige or Chanel WOC stylish (will for sure get soon when stores open up ideally in a light neutral)

Goyard St Louis (would like to see in person in my travels to completely decide)

Saint Laurent medium LouLou (the latte is beautiful)

LV Pochette Accessoires (I’m always looking for this)

Dior- would like a book carry however I have so many totes. I likewise like the saddle revival ?

Loewe basket bag

Chanel 19 in light pink, however don’t believe I might pull the trigger with the price

Chloe Tess intrigues me however with Chloe I get a short obsession as well as then it ends. I’ve never been in like sufficient to make the purchase.

Any specific bag that holds a special emotional value? I suppose I’m emotional about all of them. I buy the bags with the mindset that I will keep them permanently as well as pass them down if there’s an chance to my future child. I truly like bags that I purchase with my mom. We have such a fun time buying together as well as making memories.

Do you feel like your bags modification people’s perceptions of you or exactly how you’re treated? Yes, although the circumstance varies. sometimes I am satisfied with some judgement (or is it jealousy?) when talking with strangers who feel the requirement to comment on the bag or ask questions. I’ve had coworkers make comments both positive as well as unfavorable about my bags. If somebody doesn’t treat me with respect I truly won’t engage nor provide them the time of day. My whole life I have been pegged as “spoiled rich girl” as well as there’s no reality to that – I work difficult as well as have been privileged, however I’m a nice person. people who understand me well understand that I like bags/luxury products as well as I wear these products for my own pleasure.

The Shopping

How frequently do you buy new bags? as well often, probably! I utilized to buy one new bag a year, however over the last 2-3 years I’ve bought 3-5 bags each year. This year I have only bought one bag! I likewise believe this year will be a quite light year for new purchases since of COVID – when I get a new bag I want to be able to go out on the town as well as flaunt it! obviously I haven’t had that chance during quarantine so when things reopen I plan to “shop my closet”.

Which stores do you regular the most? Online: the designer websites themselves, 24 Sevres, Nordstrom

I don’t truly shop bags in person unless I’m traveling. The shops near me are a hassle to get to as well as I prefer to stalk things on the internet anyway. When I am in store I’m extremely direct as well as want to see whatever that I’ve been eyeing on my wishlist.

Do you ever buy second-hand bags? Where do you buy used? Jeg har! I’ve utilized both Fashionphile as well as the RealReal one time each. purses are the only type of products I would think about buying second-hand as well as only if it was something I couldn’t acquire new otherwise.

Do you offer old bags to pay for new purchases? kind of… I did offer old bags (Coach, D&B, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, as well as a Burberry) however the primary reason was to declutter my wardrobe not truly to make method for a new purchase. Of program it’s nice to make a bit money off of something I’m not utilizing anymore. I’ve offered on Poshmark as well as Ebay as well as to the RealReal once. I offer a great deal of garments via Poshmark also even to this day.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase more bags? Hmm, I do comply with patterns however that doesn’t make me feel pressured to buy more bags. I dislike when blogging/Instagram influencers all suddenly begin bring a specific bag- that’s a huge signal to me that I do not want that as well as I will strike it off my list. I like to be unique (although I do have some prominent bags). I buy when I want to treat myself or to celebrate, whenever that time occurs.

Do you think about your bag purchases investments? Not in the sense that I plan to gain money by selling them later. however as an investment to my personal style, then definitely yes! I likewise believe about exactly how much joy as well as wear I get out of any type of item- the more I like it as well as utilize it then that is money well spent.

Who influences your buying decisions? Mig! I am a habitual browser – I scroll with websites to see what’s new several times with the week as well as I like reading right here on PurseBlog for the material as well as finding new things. when I have my eye on something then I begin inspecting out celeb Instagrams to see styling ideas. There are a few fantastic influences that I admire collections of also however I try to always believe of exactly how I will wear as well as style a bag in my own life as well as not stylized as well as “curated”.

Are sales partner connections instrumental to your shopping? No, nevertheless I do like a great sales rep however since I seldom shop in store I don’t get to depend on them as well much. If somebody assists me in store though I will hang on to their get in touch with info permanently as well as reach out when I requirement assist tracking something down. It is fantastic to have a online point of get in touch with as well for repairs or client service reasons. I have had wonderful experiences with sales reps who have taken the time to listen to what I requirement (like buying for a wallet as well as choosing something out that I haven’t seen before) or special ordering things that are out of stock.
I have discovered to depend on my own research study for buying – there’s nothing worse than going in to a store only to recognize you understand more about the products than the person who helping you is. There are poor sales associates that basically provide no value to the buying experience.

Why do you enjoy shopping, beyond just obtaining something new? I like the craftsmanship of designer products as well as honestly, admiring things for that is a excitement for me. It’s likewise a fun time when I go buying with my liked ones (husband, parents, etc) since we are relaxed as well as carefree just inspecting things out whether in person or on the internet (sending links).

Have you ever felt like you got inferior service at a store or shop because of your appearance, ethnicity or gender? No. I believe I have been ignored however not purposely – most likely because of the stores being hectic or something. If nobody greets me when I go into the store that’s quite irritating however if I requirement assistance I will just ask somebody for assist as well as wait my turn.


Hvem betaler for dine tasker? Me as well as my parents. I feel I will get flamed for this, however my parents have bought a number of bags for me as gifts. It makes them happy to provide gifts to my hubby as well as me, so who am I to stop them? My mom didn’t truly get in to designer bags up until I did (over the last decade) as well as now she’s like “what I get, you get!”. It’s so fun as well as we have a number of matching bags as well as like to discuss our buying listings together.

Do you set aside a budget plan for your bag purchases? No, however since bags are high dollar purchases I do discuss with my hubby (we completely share finances) before finalizing a purchase. In my compensation for my job, my monthly earnings varies, however if I close a big sale (or want to celebrate) I’ll state something like, “that’s a new bag for mama!”
Over the years, both my hubby as well as I have ebbed as well as flowed in our incomes- we’ve moved a great deal to go after work as well as grad programs, some years he’s made more than me as well as vice versa. We have budgeted strictly in the past as well as have worked extremely difficult to get to where we are now.


Have you ever bought a counterfeit since you couldn’t pay for a designer item? When I was like, 11, my household took a vacation to NYC. I begged my parents for a multi-color Louis Vuitton as well as we snapped up a fake one on Canal street (bad!! I know!!). I believe this might have been influenced from Sex as well as the City. I was young, we didn’t understand anything about designer buying at the time, as well as I would never do it again.

Do you ever hide purchases from your considerable other? No, however if my parents buy me a bag as a gift my hubby may groan a bit about exactly how they “shouldn’t be buying” all these things. When we discuss a big upcoming purchase, he generally verbalizes that I don’t requirement one more bag however when it shows up he appreciates it. I do understand a few of my bags might finance a vacation for the two of us to enjoy so it’s important to think about purchases to make sure I only get what I truly LOVE.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to pay for a bag? Haven’t done anything as well crazy however in my younger years definitely asked my parents to buy me a bag when I wasn’t making much money.

Do you believe your buying is ever a problem? have you ever felt like you were having a hard time with a buying addiction? I don’t believe it’s a issue however I do spend a great deal of time browsing bags in my free time. I believe I’ve made errors before I was married since I was young as well as just buying whatever I felt like without believing about my future finances. however now, I have the means to pay for anything I want to buy (within reason) as well as I believe of the long term pleasure I will have from my bag collection.

Resten af ​​det

Any other costly hobbies or passions? Yes… definitely a fan of designer shoes. I like fashion jewelry as well as have been building a little Cartier stack of bracelets as well as buying diamond jewelry. I likewise like to make investments in stocks/markets – this is something my hubby as well as I have fun doing together.

Anything else you would like to include?

Be kind to others. Uanset hvad.
I believe the old adage of you get what you pay for is true. I believe anyone, no matter their monetary condition should buy things that are high quality however above all else – buy what makes them happy.
Don’t buy something just since somebody else has it, go with what makes your heart sing.
Don’t ask somebody the cost of what they are using – it’s rude as well as uncouth – look it up if you must.
Also, infant your bags – be kind to them so they look like-new for many years to come.

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