PurseForum Roundup – may 29

It’s time to wrap up May, Roundup readers, and we are going to do it in fine style. This week, we stopped by our brand new wardrobe showcase subforum and paid check outs to Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta. and that was just the beginning! thanks for joining us on another romp through the PurseForum–let’s get to it.

We have added a new subforum to the Wardrobe, and we are so ecstatic to share it with you! Please take some time to get to check out our wardrobe Showcase, where our members share their style in their very own lookbook and style threads. We have so lots of exceptionally trendy and creative members, and this is the place to check out all of them! This week, we dropped in on Mimmy and bakeacookie, whose pairing of two brooches caught the eye of several of our members. We have collected all the member wardrobe threads from the forum in this one elegant spot, so please enjoy!

Our main wardrobe subforum still houses our outfit of the Day thread, where HeartMyMJs showed off a terrific look for a amazing spring day. This fast-moving thread never fails to inspire, so drop by and pick up some terrific ideas for spring. You can also find conversations on all your favorite brands here, so you will want to plan plenty of time for your visit.

When the question is, “Who wants to take a trip to Barcelona?” the answer is US! This week, jburgh posed that question in Bottega Veneta, and showed off her brand new (and genuinely magnificent) Barcelona Cabat, a holy grail that looks like it was worth the wait! If you like BV–or corgis–you will not want to miss this reveal.

Mousse took her bag out for a shopping trip and came back with one of the prettiest reveals we have seen in Bottega Veneta, and we will leave it to you to pay a visit to her thread and take pleasure in the surprise! Hint: This box has absolutely no leather inside.

We know this is a picture-heavy check out to BV, but we could not resist this extraordinary Bottega Veneta in action shot from hereuse, a picture that really is worth a thousand words.

We also paid a check out to Balenciaga, where we know we will always find colorful bags and lively reveals; this week certainly did not disappoint. Dintegrity revealed a pretty green tiny Papier A4 and PlaceboGiraffe knocked it out of the park with modeling shots of her very first Bal (above), a Velo in rich, true black that she paired with a excellent outfit. If you like a lot more green, ZoobaAruba has you covered with her instant reveal of her first Balenciaga, a City that really pops.

Remember, like most of our designer subforums, Balenciaga is loaded with reference threads on style, color and size to help you with your purchase. If you have something certain in mind, maybe the Clubhouse already has a conversation going? Moto jackets, anyone?

When our members cheat on their favorite brands, it’s spectator sport at PurseForum, and we have special threads where they can unburden themselves of their guilt. Louis Vuitton members cheat ideal along with the best of them, and in their special thread, we found a stunning little Gucci Soho that we could not resist. The cat’s out of the bag, Manchoo78!

Katieny picked up a very pretty vernis Lexington pochette, and our members loved this soft green for spring.

Phédra also posted a charming reveal this week–a bag charm Louis Vuitton created in collaboration with the popular French tea room Ladurée, which has been graciously blessing us with delicious macarons considering that 1862. elsewhere in Louis Vuitton, Kerz23’s husband’s heart was in the ideal place as he tried to “dig himself out of the doghouse” with this valiant effort, but kerz23 is trying to find input on a different color for a crucial pouch. nogle ideer?

This double reveal in Kate Spade certainly brightened up our day. JuneHawk shared her luscious Hayden bag and Emanuelle clutch–what a terrific pair! You can find lots more Kate Spade bags in this thread, the place where our members show off anything and everything from this fun brand. Be sure to check out the terrific bargain LolaCalifornia picked up for a song–a incredibly bag for spring with some interesting color detailing to boot. Kate Spade is a contemporary powerhouse, and we always find something unique and whimsical whenever we visit.

We want to thank you for stopping, and to wish you and your families a terrific weekend and week ahead. We look forward to sharing a lot more from the PurseForum ideal here next week!

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